这几类人皮肤很容易老化 要注意了哈!
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The dry skin in spring and the increase of

The dry skin in spring and the increase of ultraviolet radiation increase the burden on the skin. Therefore, it is very important to do skin care in the spring. Let's take a look at Xiaobian together to see what spring moves are.
The following groups of people are prone to aging skin. Pay attention to ha!
An irregular person
The old saying goes, "spring sleeps", do you have a good sleep in spring? Whether it is job mobility or environmental changes, it is easy to cause stress, resulting in low sleep quality and even insomnia symptoms.
We should know that the melanin and growth hormone can not be well secreted by people who are upside down and irregular in daily life, and easily fall into the vicious circle of skin aging. Growth hormone has an important effect on the metabolism of the skin, which can ensure the skin is tender and tender. But these hormones are secreted only when the body is in deep sleep, and people who sleep in the morning or in the morning can't be well secreted, so those who sleep poorly have the risk of aging skin. So, "beauty sense" is very reasonable.
To get a good sleep, Xiaobian here wishes to remind you of several points:
First of all, caffeine sensitive people should not drink caffeinated beverages at night so as not to affect sleep.
Second, wake up in the morning and let the melanin release normally.
Finally, do not use electronic products for a long time in the evening, and do enough activities during the day to ensure a good night's sleep quality.
An inadequately moisturizing person
Spring drying is the root cause of skin wrinkles, stains, fine crumbs and pruritus. Because of the sudden increase in the sunlight in the spring, it is easy to capture the moisture in the skin, and it is easy to dry out the skin without symptoms. If you ignore the skin moisturizing, not only the effect of makeup is poor, and the skin resistance to external erosion can also be greatly reduced, skin easily because of pollen allergy itching hard to bear, the degree of aging will be greatly deepened!
Therefore, to dry the skin in spring should be a bit of not losing the strength of the winter, but in the choice of skin care products should be paid attention to not blindly to the face with more oil content of the moisturizer, but the comprehensive consideration of the balance of skin oil and water and fully replenish water. In general, anyone who keeps skin dry is actually caused by insufficient moisture in the skin.
If there is too much oil in the skin care products in spring, the balance of skin composition is very easy to be broken, so when we choose the skin care products, it is better to choose the beauty solution with strong lock water ability.
A person who often eats instant meals outside
Human intestinal tract is easily affected by sleep and pressure, for skin care, not only external care, but also the internal protection of "intestinal health" is the root of the skin care. As long as the intestinal environment is adjusted well, not only the body will not be fat, but the skin can also be kept in the state of hydrated beauty. On the contrary, if it does not attach importance to the adjustment of the intestinal environment, it is useless to eat many health products with many good cosmetics.
In order to design a diet that helps to adjust the balance of the intestines, most of the people in modern times eat little vegetables and fermented food, but these foods have a good impact on the health of the intestines and should be targeted. But it is important to note that vegetable salads and vegetable juices can not achieve the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment. In addition, the diet should be light, because salt and other condiments, including food additives, can increase the body's burden and affect the effect of the food.
The busy working people who are busy every day should try their best to cook at home. Do not choose to go out to eat unbalanced fast food, and not to smoke and drink. These are easy to make your skin aging!
A person who causes disorder of hormone secretion for a variety of reasons
For young women, they often play a whole night out of the night, which can easily lead to a disorder of the biological clock, which leads to a disorder of hormone secretion. Once the hormone is disordered, the skin and hair are aging, the beautiful waist line will disappear, the breast is drooping, it looks like I don't know how many years old.

Of course, there are more than one reason for the disorder of hormone secretion, and there may also be a variety of causes such as lack of sleep and excessive intake of dairy products caused by busy work in spring and poor temperature. There is a close relationship between the drop in temperature and hormone secretion, so it is also important to keep the skin in good condition and fight the cold.
In the spring, we need to pay special attention to the spring wear that is thin and short. The cold is easy to keep the blood circulate and choose the more warm clothes, so that the blood circulation can make you look red and the texture of the skin is better!
Spring is a beautiful season. There is a poem called "the red face is red." in spring, you should pay attention to sunscreen, water and keep good sleep and eating habits.