到夏天才防晒 防晒应从春天就开始
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In the four seasons of the yea

In the four seasons of the year, the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight in winter are the lowest, and the UV content rises abruptly when the spring is coming, and because of the dry weather in spring, the ultraviolet penetration is strong and the amount of reaching the ground is much more, people are difficult to adapt to the sun and are easily tanned.
After 28 days of metabolic cycle, sunburn will leave the impression of "kissing" the skin. So many women thought that the spots that came out in summer actually had signs of injury in spring.
At the same time, spring is also the peak season for outing outing. If you don't pay attention to sunscreen, it will aggravate or induce dermatitis. Therefore, for women, in spring, special attention should be paid to sunscreen.
A variety of sunscreen saute in the market has made a lot of people unsure. Many people can't make up their minds because they lack sufficient understanding and do not know which brand is good.
How to make the right choice, the scientific answer is that different types of sunscreen have different antagonistic effects on different types of ultraviolet radiation, neither abusive nor superstitious.
Sunscreen, strictly speaking, should be called "shading". The basic components of sunscreen are titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, calamine, benzoic acid, phenol derivatives, salicylic acid and tannic compounds, whether it is an amazing foreign brand or a slightly inferior domestic brand.
According to people's different needs for sunscreen time and intensity, the sunscreen currently sold in the market is divided into 6~40 grades, which is called "sunscreen index". Sunscreen product packaging will be written in English letters and Arabia digital SPF-X (SPF is the abbreviation of the sun protection coefficient SunProtectionFactor, X represents 6~40 different grades) sunscreen index. Usually, the larger the number, the longer the time to screen, but the more physical or chemical sunscreens, the greater the skin irritation.
The main side effects of sunscreen products are easy to cause skin pores blockage, affecting sweat excretion, resulting in acne, acne and so on. So after smearing sunscreen products, pay attention to cleaning.
But it can not be considered that the bigger the sunscreen factor, the better the effect. Generally speaking, products with SPF 15~20 can be used. If you are in outdoor activities or traveling for a long time, you can use SPF-20 or more.

Ultraviolet light is divided into near ultraviolet UV-A, far ultraviolet UV-B and ultrashort ultraviolet UV-C according to wavelength.  The shorter the UV wavelength, the greater the harm to our skin. The determination of an authority department said that the current market sunscreen has the exact protective effect on the ultraviolet rays of the two bands of UV-A and UV-B, and the effect on UV-B is better than that of UV-A, but it is not effective for UV-C. There are exaggerations in the publicity of some sunscreen advertisements. Don't trust them.
In addition to sunscreen, sunshade and sunglasses have the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays. According to the needs, we can choose products with quality assurance and make preparations in advance.